myD - Gives you back your D key.

If you have set your ui.key.contentAccess in Mozilla Firefox to use the ALT key, for example to use ALT+S for posting in forums, and use ALT+D to get to the address bar, you run into issues with sites that 'steal' the D key for other purposes. (Twitter uses it to link you to the 'Direct Messages' page for example) This Jetpack feature gives you back your D key (by removing the 'accesskey="d"' property from A and INPUT tags).

Update 2009-06-29: myD is now (hopefully) turned on by default. No need to enable it every time you start the browser or open a new window any more.

You can download the source code here. Feel free to reuse this code and improve it as you see fit.
If you believe your changes are interesting to others and want me to incorporate them here, please contact me.

Michel 'Steltek' Meyers